The Energy to be Tired

Everyone says that eating healthy and working out are “good” for you. Okay, that came out wrong… Yes, I agree they are good for you and that is why I have been on this ridiculous no sugar cleanse with my friend for a week (if anyone wants to send me a care package full of cookies, I would really appreciate it). Now I don’t plan on stopping my goal of getting healthy (see how I said “goal” not “resolution”?), fact is, I’ve actually been doing pretty well and I am excited to see the number on the scale go down, or that my muscles are getting stronger. The thing that I don’t seem to grasp, is that you’re supposed to end up with more energy to go do things because woohoo less pounds on the body and endorphins! But I still have the same amount of nappy energy that I had before.

Now some of you may be curious as to what “nappy energy” is. I’m calling this a “me” phrase because honestly, I don’t think anyone else in the world will ever you it, and it will probably be the only time I do as well. But moving on, nappy energy is the slow decline of energy you have throughout the day, even though you get at least 7 hours of sleep and eat on a pretty regular schedule, with some snacks in between.

See, I used to have terrible nappy energy. I would stay up half the night, only to not have my homework complete and need to get up early the next day to finish it. Most of last semester I was running off of solid 5 hour nights, sometimes less. I also ate at the weirdest and most wrong times of day. No breakfast, so I would consume food around noon. Lunch would be at 5 and left dinner to be sometime around 9(ish). Now I know if I told my mother this right to her face, she would probably be horrified. To be honest, I’m a little scandalized that I lived my life this way, and it was only two months ago that it was my routine. But what I still haven’t mentioned, is my cursed nappy energy. I would sleep for 4-5 hours in the middle of the day! It was terrible, but I simply couldn’t help it. My body would just give out. I knew I had to make a change, or I would be living my life stuck in a loop controlled by sleep.

Side note: This post is not shaming anyone who takes naps. Naps are awesome, and are a great recharge (I’ll explain why this is a thing later). But, I would just like to say that little kids do NOT know how good they have it. Case in point, I was a terrible napper as a child. Ask any one of my adult family members. I hated to nap, would not do it. And if I could go back in time, I would grab little 3 year old me, shove her into bed, and ask her to please sleep, because maybe I could soak up the residual effects and not be so tired as an adult. Who knows, it probably doesn’t work like that but I’d want to try anyways.

Leaving the side note, I have changed my routine. I get up everyday between the same two hour time frame, and I only stay up past 1 on weekends. I go to the gym three times a week, I eat on a pretty regular schedule, and like I said, my sugar intake is way down (please, I’ll ask again, just someone send me some treats). I’ve been doing really well, I have been stressing less, and I feel like I get more accomplished in a day than I had before. So why, WHY, do I still feel so tired during the day and I feel the need to nap? Why is my nappy energy still high enough that I can be sitting on the couch one minute, and after a single blink suddenly it’s 30 minutes to an hour later? Shouldn’t my bodies inherent desire to sleep have gone down now that it gets at least 7.5 hours of rest a night? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? I feel like the exercise gods have lied to me and that the Zumba muses have wronged my soul.

I’m fine taking naps, but I need to lessen the amount I take, and I don’t know if that means sleeping EVEN longer, or finding some high energy snacks to eat right before my energy peaks… I guess I just need to work on self-discipline, good thing the year’s still pretty new, I’ve got time to work out the kinks.



An Irregular Fish Out of Water

So the summer was crazy busy and I felt that there wasn’t much to update on. I am still not very blog savvy. But now that I am back at school I hope to update more on the life and times of me.

Ok here is the low down on the last two weeks of my oh so wonderful life: I got the chance to drive down to school with my mom (the reason she came was a cousin was also getting married in the same place, same weekend, but also because she loves me, hi mom!!) The problem with driving through the North West, as I’m sure most of you know, is that two weeks ago it was all on fire!! And guess who got sick and sneezed ash out her nose? you guessed it me. Needless to say, if my mom hadn’t been with my I probably wouldn’t have survived and would right now be half dead on some who knows what highway, halfway to Kentucky.

Once I got to school, the move-in was relatively easy, I even met my roommate who my mom calls my “twin-soul”. So I already feel like the semester is off to a great start. (The shower did break however by day two so everyone in my apartment was using one and you do the math on that, six girls+one shower=bad idea.)

But the main item of critical importance is the weather. Yeah, yeah that sounds boring and whatnot but hear me out: I come from Western Washington. I have been living in the desert of Idaho. I was excited to go home and have rain for the first time in months. Freaking MONTHS! But do you know what I was stuck with? Two days. Out of the 4 months I was home from school all I got was TWO. DAYS. OF. RAIN. I felt so dried out I thought I was turning into beef jerky. But the most wonderful amazing thing happened. Two days into the semester it starts raining where I’m at school! And not just a slight drizzle, it was a full on downpour. For five days! Count them, yes, I said five. It was amazing!! It was perfect because even though I am not anywhere near my home, it felt more like home than the entire summer had (weather wise not people/family wise). I would just leave my window open and take walks in the rain. I refused to take an umbrella because I’m from Washington for goodness sake, and only chumps actually use the umbrellas they keep in their cars and houses. I was having some of the best days, but a roommate of mine was not. She’s from California and she hated how cold and wet everything got, once more her dog that came with her is afraid of the rain. So she was having the opposite of what I would say was my up most elated joy. I thought I would be a fish out of water but turns out I was the only fish in a huge freaking ocean. I think that metaphor works.

Besides all that I really do feel that this semester is going to be better than all my previous ones. I am close with my friends and roommates and truly the world is my oyster. I enjoy most of my classes so far (oddly enough one I thought would be fun and exciting is the most boring, and I rather enjoy the work of one of the more harder classes I have, it’s also one of the easiest). I am excited to see what new wonders will come this year, and will try to keep it more updated as time goes by.

grEy, grAy, or graVy?

I’m starting this post with a quick PSA. If you didn’t know already, I am about to blow all y’alls minds! The spelling of both grey and gray are correct. The one spelt with an ‘e’ is more commonly used in England, or countries who speak British English (get it? E for England). And if you can put two and two together, I’m sure you’ve guessed that the one with that uses an ‘a’ is usually seen in America (way to go us, being petty and changing letters just because we can). Anyways, this confused me for years, and I can honestly say that I can’t tell you which one I used up till the point that I discovered it, and even now I think I have the problem of switching the spelling every time I write it. But here is something that I’ve heard and actually is frustrating. I had someone ask me once which way was correct. As I told them both, they gave me a puzzled look. You see, their teacher had told them that spelling it with an ‘e’ was incorrect and gave them a bad mark on their assignment because of the error. I was frustrated. Why on earth would you mark someone down for their own personal way of spelling. I mean that argument doesn’t work in all cases, but seriously! Spelling it with an ‘e’ is correct! In fact it is the original way of spelling it, just like colour and armour. America was just so fed up with the British that they decided to take everything they could out of it. So they changed words, mixed up letters, deleted some, and drive on the opposite side of the road. (To be fair though, we can blame Webster for all this. He decided to write books to sort out the mess of people not knowing the proper spelling for words, because there really wasn’t any. And to top it off, he wanted to help America take away Britain’s language control. To do this he decided to have words be spelled as they sound, and lop off any unnecessary letters. So yeah if this confuses you, blame him.)

Now after that rant on words, I’m sure you’re wondering, or even if you’re not (Mwahaha), why on earth this title would include the word “gravy”. I was talking about spelling before, why now talk about gravy. Well, I’m not actually in the mind to be discussing gravy itself, although if you want me too, uh leave a comment maybe I’ll rant and rave about gravy, never know unless you try right? Actually I want to talk more on its spelling and how my brain moves too fast for my eyes. On Sunday, my mom texted me and asked, “If you get the chance can you grab the gray pot with pink flowers in it please.” I had time before I was heading out the door to attend Church, so I started looking around. But I couldn’t find it, so I go to my dad and ask him if he has seen a “gravy” pot with pink flowers in it. (At this point in time, I had read the text too quickly and had added in the extra letter) He said no, so I continue my search asking for where it is, eventually inquiring of my brother if he has seen a “gravy pot with pink flowers”. He says yes and brings me to a “gray pot” of the description. He heard gray when I spoke, actually making him correct and me sadly lost. I quickly text my mom, “Where is it? and did you mean GRAY?” She replies with, didn’t I say gray? I glace up the line of messages and read. It says gray. Plain and simple gray. I apparently have been in error and just can’t read. Which is a problem being an English major. But, this isn’t the first time a problem like this has occurred!

See there is a trick with our brains. I’m sure most people have seen it, and or tested it out. The theory is, if you take a word, and you mix up the letters, just so long as the first and last letter are the same as normal, your brain can read it fine. I’ve done a test like this before, and it works. Pretty easily I might add. But here is the problem. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of words out there that begin and end with the same letters. And sometimes, my brain works too fast for my eyes. I’m constantly doing double takes because I’ll glance as a sign or read a sentence and think “that doesn’t make sense”, or “why on earth is that written on a sign!?” Most of the time it makes me laugh at my mistake, but it happens so often that I’ve begun to confuse myself. (I mean I guess not really, but still it’s weird). I sometimes feel like I’m dyslexic, because I mix up numbers too. But as I write these words, everything looks and reads fine. So I’m just making the assumption that my brain just skips middle words most of the time. Which is why the messy word theory works. Because, middle letters don’t matter, and your brain just reads the first and last ones. Which is frustrating when you’re trying to be efficient and end up just making a fool of yourself because you just process the world faster than your eyes can take it in.

Image result for paragraph with first and last letters correctThis is an example of a paragraph I was talking about. And if this is true, well then my brain is the cause for this rigmarole.

But in the end, I guess it’s a good thing. Because it makes me slow down and reread things, so that I know for sure I’m getting what I should out of either a piece of literature, or I guess now text messages. Doesn’t mean I enjoy making myself look and sound like a fool.

Stay On the Road!

Ok so I am pretty terrible about keeping this updated. But I have an excuse I swear, a real one that will make the whole world sympathize with me. At least, I think it will a little bit.

Almost right after I started this blog I had finals. And boy were they a doozy. It was fine until the last few days when I was taking tests, still going to a class (Curse you ED 304!!! more on that later), and trying to pack up and move out of my apartment so I could go home for the spring/summer. About 70% of my tests and projects were done by Wednesday, so I was feeling pretty confidant and good about the pace I was keeping things. Then, because I’m a college student, and we are known for our procrastination, I decided to hold off on doing a project and studying for my final History exam until the next day (thinking this would give me extra time to pack). Anyways, jump to Thursday, I am getting up at 4:30 in the freaking morning so that I can study and make it to the testing center before there is a line, take a 3 hour test, go home, try and pack some more, feel overwhelmed, and eventually my partner comes over to work on our final project. That was despicable to work on because it felt like it had nothing to do with anything we learned over the semester. This is the accursed class that made me go in for 1.5 hours on Friday when I was supposed to be going on Spring Break. Demons and devils were what were being cursed and thrown out that day. I made it through, but was still stressing about packing and moving out. So I got some assistance from my friend, allowing me to feel calm and sure that I would be ready to leave in the morning. And as a reward for all the hard work we had accomplished that semester we had pizza and watched movies (Thank you Caylyn :D).

After finals my sister and I drove to Las Vegas to meet our family there to see some shows and enjoy the sun. It was sunny and fantastic, I got to get the slightest bit of color on my arms, but that’s about the only help I got to stop looking like a porcelain doll. (I am as white as white can be, even though my mom is 1/2 Mexican…) It was a great week with my family, I got to see the Michael Jackson “One” show that was loud and exciting and had some amazing music, I was swept off my feet by “Thor” and got to hold the Hammer for a photo, and watched the Tournament of Kings dinner and show, which I always love to see (It helped too that we were in the front row and had the perfect angle to see everything so woohoo)! I did however lose my favorite pair of sunglasses, and that may seem a silly thing to be sad over but hey! Those sunglasses were purchased for only $6 and lasted 4 years and fit perfectly so I will miss them all I want! But all good things must come to an end, right? Well this fun week did and I traveled back to school with my dad and sister, to a) drop her off and b) pick up my things and go on a three day road trip with my dad back home.

And here we come to the loveliest of stories. I mean really it’s not that bad and I actually had a good time, even if now that I’m home I don’t want to drive my car for the next, forever… The trip was just me and my dad being the silly dorks we are, and singing along with songs by an array of folks, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, and many more! Ha, I sound like I’m advertising some fun extravaganza but no this is just the however long car trip I took with my Pops. He drove, I drove, I tried to be strong and not just leave it quiet and boring so I did my best to not just sleep while my dad was driving. Which I think I did pretty well and only dozed off once for only like 20 minutes. We had some tire trouble and had to get the two front ones replaced for sheer fear that they might blow out on us later and honestly that would be worse. Lots of fast food, and hotel stays. I got to spend Easter with my grandparents and aunt Amy and some cousins which actually was a nice break on Sunday. So all in all I think the trip went well and was an all around success.

Except, I mean there was this one thing. Oh what was it? *snaps fingers* That’s right! The whole time we were driving there were tons of dead animals on the road!!! No I’m not saying it like its a good thing, I am confused, mystified, and a little bit horrified. Every few miles you’d see a dead rabbit, squirrel, deer, or there even was a skunk once. It smelled terrible. But the question I’m getting to is this: why on earth do you see more animal carcasses when on a road trip. then you ever see just going about a normal daily freeway drive? When I lived at home full time, I would take the freeway to work everyday and would only see roadkill every few weeks or so. Sometimes even going for months at a time without seeing any poor dead thing. But as soon as you go on a trip in a car, there seem to be ten times as many all along the roads. Now I don’t know if it’s just that since one is covering many more miles at a time, the likelihood of seeing it increases or if it’s because I was taking more of the back highways but c’mon people! Can’t you look where you’re going? How hard is it actually to just stay on the road?? I’m asking because theses creatures are all on the side of the road and I’m pretty sure you didn’t get out on a 80mph highway to move the bunny you just hit from the center to the side. So you can’t you people drive straight? Or am I just crazy and assuming that the world is full of bad drivers. Or maybe I just don’t know protocol because I’ve never hit an animal before (knock on wood), but I’m just amazed at the fact that so many of these incidents happen. I don’t know guys. I’m just a bit confused.

Anyways, that’s a bit on why this hasn’t been too updated and such. I’m going to attempt and stay more on top of it from now on, just for my own sake. If there is any news to report. But who knows, maybe 5 months at home will bring some crazy stories along with it.

Act Your Age

Honestly I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore that people can’t ever accurately guess my age. It’s happened my whole life, and it’s not the guess in the good way, where people think you look young for your age (which I guess in a sense is a bad thing if there are age restrictions and you look 12 instead of 20, but still). For me, everyone thinks I’m older than I actually am. And I’ve been getting it all my life.

The most memorable times were when I had just started High School. It happened first when I was one of the newer cheerleaders for my schools squad. I was a freshman, and low and behold I was once again taller than everyone I was around. The incident (we are going to start calling these by weird and unrelated terms because that’s what they felt like to me) happened when I was at tumbling practice with two of the seniors. I felt really out of place and uncomfortable because I didn’t know either of them, but soon they struck up a conversation with me. In a round about way the conversation eventually turned to “you’re only 14? But you’re so tall already! I thought you were a Junior” and so on and so forth. From then on my height became one of the funnier things in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being tall. It means I can reach the tallest shelves in my apartment and once, it allowed me to be able to save a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest in the cranny of a building, but I digress.

The weird thing was, is when all this was happening, I still had braces. So I thought I looked like a dorky little kid. The next occurrence was after Christmas. I had been given a new pair of boots that were just a little too small, so my mom took me to the store to exchange them. I don’t think there were any in the store so we decided to order them. The lady at checkout was like “oh yes these are nice shoes. Do you want them shipped to your parents or to your school?” Now I believe my mom was browsing, so I got really confused. My school? Why on earth would I want these sent to my school? But after my moment of weak firing neurons, I realized she thought I was in college. College? That’s an upgrade from before, what kind of new adventures of misdirection was my height going to take me on? So I just politely said “Well actually I’m only a Freshman in high school, so if you could ship them to my house that would be great.” The lady was kind of shocked and started apologizing, but it’s not like I hadn’t gotten it before right?

The last episode of my high school series I think was the funniest. The reason is because, I had been walking through the commons of my school and suddenly this lady at a table calls out to me. She looks like a PTA mom, advertising for the Senior Grad Night, where after graduation, all the Seniors supposedly pile into buses to have a night of random fun. Anyways… she calls over to me and asks if I’ve signed up for Grad Night yet. And to myself I am laughing my keister off. This is a mom. Who is hosting Grad Night. Which means she has a senior of her own for a child. And she thinks I’m one.  So I just kind of turn to her and grin, trying not to let my laughter out into reality, and say “no, because I’m only a Freshman.” Once again I get the look of surprise and aww. How can this tall person in front of me not be the age I thought they were? Well I’m not, so meh.

Any who… the point of this is that I still kind of get a shock and giggle out of people not believing I’m as old as I am. I’m in college now and people still guess that I’m a few years older. It could be that I got to bypass some classes by taking earlier courses in high school, so I am in sections that people of upper ages should be in, but there are people who are only a year older than I am in there and no one is surprised at them. But I mean really, whenever I tell people my age they think it’s some sort of trick. They ask me when I graduated and how old I was when I graduated, when’s my birthday, yadda yadda yadda. What I just think is ridiculous, is sure I get this from people in my classes who don’t know me too well because I only see them for an hour every few days, but today, of all people, my roommate somehow just found out that I’m younger than she is. She asked me all the questions and it just goes to show that no matter how old I get, people will still be amazed at the wonder that is my age.

Here Goes Nothing

Ok so this week has been pretty low-key to high to low once more. It started off with the sun finally making its Spring appearance and bringing warmth to the frozen world I have been living in for the past two or so months. Hallelujah! I honestly could not stand the freezing air anymore. When it reached the ultimate 40 below in January I was cursing the wind. Although, I couldn’t really curse the wind because if I opened my mouth all the air would be sucked out of my lungs and my teeth would freeze, but it’s the thought that counts. So hurray for sunshine and above 50 degree weather. Only problem I am faced with now is the wind that batters and blows and thinks it’s funny to cause me to walk without going anywhere. Somehow I will make peace with this weather demon, but as for right now I will just appease it with words of thanks.

Due to the temperature increase, I was able to do some outdoor activities this week. I began by playing basketball with the flattest of balls, but still enjoyed making some hoops and getting my heart rate up. I soon discovered, at that very same park, that there were swings. Ones adults could actually enjoy without their feet dragging through bits of wood chips! So of course I spent the rest of my time there immersed in the joy and elation of swinging so high and so fast that you are disoriented by the time you come down. It was amazing. So amazing in fact, that my roommates and I took a late night trip, and went back the next day after dark to use the swings. Yeah, yeah early adults and their weird habits, go ahead and judge.

This week also held an array of different days that were to be celebrated. Pi day was on the 14th, so I spent that indulging in mass amounts of delicacies. My favorite being one that mixed a crumb crust, with a homemade one and had peaches and apple filling. And the funnies, yet still good, lemon meringue that just so happened to be pie soup. The other day worth mentioning would be the famous Ides of March! Beware the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was once told. However, upon not heading the warnings, Caesar was stabbed in the Senate and said the famous line “Et tu, Brute”? Or basically, ‘you too dude?’ I honored this day by eating a Caesar salad. I did not, however, stab it repeatedly with a knife. (And I know there are people out there that will say, but Caesar salad was actually created in Mexico centuries after the death of Caesar in Rome. Yes. I know this. Doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with play on words, okay?)

Most importantly this week I think, is that I went a day early and saw Beauty and the Beast. No one will tell me otherwise, because my opinion is set in stone, but I thought it was fantastic! There was so much depth added to the characters and the story line. Plot holes that always puzzled me were explained and new songs that caused my heart to swell left me speechless. I left the theater overflowing with so much joy and happiness that I simply could not sleep. Emma Watson is someone I dearly admire and I thought she did phenomenal in this film. Belle had always been one of the higher ranking princesses for me, but as a child, the Beast had frightened me. I can now safely say that the talented Dan Stevens has assuaged this fear. The voice talents of all involved are tremendous and I would recommend the movie to any and all that wish to simply experience a happy few hours.

This week ended with my joining my friend Caylyn in an excited conversation over the film (more specifically a song that makes both her and I decidedly silly). And then the two of us had a grand time watching some Jane Austen adaptions while simultaneously laughing at ourselves.