My Face

Not really sure what there is to know about me. Hello! *waves* My name is Brenna, only the choice few call me Bren, but don’t ever call me Breanna. Just don’t do it. This blog is something to start off with and see if it grows. I am an English and History Education Major (Yes I know teaching English? Who does that? Well I do so zip it.) I love to sing and read. My life consists of the geekiest of loves: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland. I am also¬†obsessed¬†with the British Isles and the wonders they hold. I collect tea pots and bumblebees if that means anything to anyone, and really any literature I can get my hands on, from the historical epics of Beowulf, to the tragedies of Shakespeare, all the way to modern reads of all sorts. I love to learn and the information I attain should have someplace to go.