Here Goes Nothing

Ok so this week has been pretty low-key to high to low once more. It started off with the sun finally making its Spring appearance and bringing warmth to the frozen world I have been living in for the past two or so months. Hallelujah! I honestly could not stand the freezing air anymore. When it reached the ultimate 40 below in January I was cursing the wind. Although, I couldn’t really curse the wind because if I opened my mouth all the air would be sucked out of my lungs and my teeth would freeze, but it’s the thought that counts. So hurray for sunshine and above 50 degree weather. Only problem I am faced with now is the wind that batters and blows and thinks it’s funny to cause me to walk without going anywhere. Somehow I will make peace with this weather demon, but as for right now I will just appease it with words of thanks.

Due to the temperature increase, I was able to do some outdoor activities this week. I began by playing basketball with the flattest of balls, but still enjoyed making some hoops and getting my heart rate up. I soon discovered, at that very same park, that there were swings. Ones adults could actually enjoy without their feet dragging through bits of wood chips! So of course I spent the rest of my time there immersed in the joy and elation of swinging so high and so fast that you are disoriented by the time you come down. It was amazing. So amazing in fact, that my roommates and I took a late night trip, and went back the next day after dark to use the swings. Yeah, yeah early adults and their weird habits, go ahead and judge.

This week also held an array of different days that were to be celebrated. Pi day was on the 14th, so I spent that indulging in mass amounts of delicacies. My favorite being one that mixed a crumb crust, with a homemade one and had peaches and apple filling. And the funnies, yet still good, lemon meringue that just so happened to be pie soup. The other day worth mentioning would be the famous Ides of March! Beware the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was once told. However, upon not heading the warnings, Caesar was stabbed in the Senate and said the famous line “Et tu, Brute”? Or basically, ‘you too dude?’ I honored this day by eating a Caesar salad. I did not, however, stab it repeatedly with a knife. (And I know there are people out there that will say, but Caesar salad was actually created in Mexico centuries after the death of Caesar in Rome. Yes. I know this. Doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with play on words, okay?)

Most importantly this week I think, is that I went a day early and saw Beauty and the Beast. No one will tell me otherwise, because my opinion is set in stone, but I thought it was fantastic! There was so much depth added to the characters and the story line. Plot holes that always puzzled me were explained and new songs that caused my heart to swell left me speechless. I left the theater overflowing with so much joy and happiness that I simply could not sleep. Emma Watson is someone I dearly admire and I thought she did phenomenal in this film. Belle had always been one of the higher ranking princesses for me, but as a child, the Beast had frightened me. I can now safely say that the talented Dan Stevens has assuaged this fear. The voice talents of all involved are tremendous and I would recommend the movie to any and all that wish to simply experience a happy few hours.

This week ended with my joining my friend Caylyn in an excited conversation over the film (more specifically a song that makes both her and I decidedly silly). And then the two of us had a grand time watching some Jane Austen adaptions while simultaneously laughing at ourselves.


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